Can't get my PowerPoint to fit in Replay window

When trying to do screencast (record screen) of a PowerPoint presentation, I can't get the slide to be properly framed in the Replay recording window. I've set PowerPoint slide show to "open in new window" ... have changed Replay window size, have changed PowerPoint slide size... no luck. 

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Nancy Parks

Thanks for the message. Yes, I have checked the sites you referenced… it
all looks so simple in the tutorials; however, when I follow the
instructions -- the screencast and my PowerPoint slide just don’t line up.

It looks right when I do the re-sizing, etc etc. But then when I click
“record” the actual recording area is different – obscuring some of my
PowerPoint slide! I’m so bummed. Was hoping this could be my “go-to” tool
for sure. Have used Articulate for years and have not had this kind of
problem before. I’m using PowerPoint 2016 – not sure if that makes a

Any help is appreciated.


Nancy Parks

I finally got it to work ... it had to do with a display setting on my PC. It was recommended that items display at 150% (for easy viewing of apps, etc). However, this is NOT the right setting for the Articulate Replay. When I set display for 100%, it works fine. Yeah. Not sure if this is noted anywhere else in the support pages, but think it is worth mentioning in case anyone else has the problem of trying to get the slides to fit and have WYSIWYG

Christie Pollick

Hi, Nancy -- Thanks so much for your reply, and for the update on what did the trick for you! I wanted to note in case you were not aware, when you reply to a forum notification via email, the details in your signature are display publicly here in the post. Please feel free to use the EDIT button below your reply to remove those details if you wish.