Can't see play button when watching video in Replay

When I record a video in Replay, and go to watch it to see if I need to edit it, the buttons that allow me to play or pause the video are covered up by the A/B buttons. (See attachment.) This means that I can't play the video that I have made. How can I make them both visible? 

Thank you,

Kate Brownlee


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kate. We have found an issue when scaling is set to 150% or more in the Windows display settings. While we're having a look, please try to set your scaling to 125% or less on your display. You'll need to close Replay 360, and sign out and back into Windows after making that change.

Let me know if that helps!

Holly Nace

Hi. I have the same problem. It is strange because when I first began working with replay a month ago I did not have this problem. But now yesterday and today I do.  125% didn't work but 100% did. Unfortunately then other things are so small to read that it isn't practical. I hope you guys can get this sorted - I was so happy to find a simple video creation software to use but now it has become a huge hassle. 

Lauren Connelly

Hello Holly!

I'm sorry for the trouble! We do still have this logged as a software bug, and in all honesty, it hasn't made it on our roadmap as we are prioritizing other fixes and features. 

It sounds like you're already using the workaround, which is to use 100% DPI. I've updated my team so that we are aware of the gravity of this issue. I appreciate you taking the time to share these details with us! I'll keep you updated in this discussion.