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Raymond Pirouz

You can't imagine what joy it fills me with to share this with you -- PROBLEM SOLVED on my end!

So, apparently, if you have a system with a BLUETOOTH chip, it may be preinstalled with a MOTOROLA Bluetooth driver which this application (as well as Adobe's Presenter) don't like!

I uninstalled the Motorola driver via control panel, restarted my machine, at which point Windows recognized the Bluetooth chip and auto-installed default Microsoft drivers which apparently don't cause whatever incompatibility caused by the official Motorola drivers.

This, after I tried so many other things (like completely uninstalling Office 2013 64-bit and reverting back to Office 2010 32-bit, don't ask me why). In the process, however, I realized one thing: Outlook 2010 is WAY faster than Outlook 2013.

So, for my part, problem solved, Hope that helps some of you who may have the pesky Motorola Bluetooth driver.

Jason Peterson

Ashley Terwilliger said:

Happy to help Jason. If you want to let me know the case number, I'll follow along in case it's something more general to be shared back in this thread. 

Hi Ashley, I am just seeing this request now.  The case number is #00359564 and I am working with Justin Grenier on this who has been using my computer virtually and saving error dumps.  Cheers, Jason

Jason Peterson

AND, Lync 2013 finally works too after having deleted this Motorola bluetooth software component.  I am also happy to hear that my Adobe Presenter will also now work as it never did and I thought it had something to do with the PowerPoint plugin not working with the Articulate Presenter plugin installed simultaneously.  Thanks again Raymond and Justin!  Cheers, Jason

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kari and welcome to Heroes!

I see in the case numbers that you shared Wilbert reported it to our QA team and shared that information earlier in March via this case number. I don't have a further update to share, but when there is additional information Wilbert will share via the case and we'll try to update all relevant threads we well.