Changing the animation style of the Replay Media Mix

Jan 24, 2019

Is it possible to change the STYLE of the Replay media mix animation?

Hoping there's a way to change from the "swipe in from right" animation. I'm just flipping between two camera angles and it doesn't warrant a gigantic disturbing sweeping motion...


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Erin,

Are you able to post an example of what you are seeing as I am having difficulty understanding the problem. Whenever I start a new project in Replay and mix two separate videos, I either get a straight cut or a fade in/ fade out and can't see how to generate the swipe you are getting. I may, of course be heading in completely the wrong direction !!

Erin Mahabir

Hi Ned, 

the transition I'm talking about is when you want to switch what track is being viewed (A or B). These switches have an automatic "fly in from right" animation to them, and I'd just like a plain picture change.  

Here's a screencast of what I mean: 

Ned Whiteley

Hi Erin,

I now understand your problem. I don't know enough about Replay to know if there is an alternative to Fly From Right, but I certainly can't find one. However, if you split the videos in your two channels where you want the switches to take place, delete a block in Channel A and then drag up the equivalent block from Channel B, you can create a straight cut between the two (vertical line) or a fade in/fade out (diagonal line).

You can view the demo here:

This will be quite time-consuming, but may give you the result you are after.

Erin Mahabir

Thanks for the tips, Ned and Crystal.  I will know for future if I need to splice two clips together.

Unfortunately in this particular case (since I only want the audio from "camera 1"), clipping and pasting from the B track eliminates the audio from the original A track - and I don't see a way to separate the audio and run that on a separate track for fluidity's sake. 

This is really a pretty basic beginner video editing software. (It's GREAT for that purpose) but yes... certainly has its limitations. 

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