Correct Replay serial number shows as Invalid

My copy of Replay 1 has defaulted back to 'free trial has expired' mode, after having used a valid serial number for 6 months. When entering the correct serial number again to re-activate it, I get a dialogue box with 'UL_AdminFormTitle', 'ULAdminRequiredNotice', 'ULAdminVistaNotice11'. This is followed by a message saying 'Invalid Serial Number'. I have never seen any of these messages before. 

Can anyone help explain what's happened?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hey John,

Sorry that you've run into an issue with this. 

When you upgrade Microsoft Windows from one major version to another (e.g., Windows 8 to Windows 10) or install a significant update for Windows 10 (e.g., version 1511) and launch Articulate Replay, you may see a UI_AdminRequiredNotice error message.

You'll need to launch Replay one time with administrative privileges to correct it. Here's how.