Edit my video in Articulat 13

I inserted my recorded video into Articulate 13.  I now need to edit it.  The edit button is grayed out.  I have an important project that's due.  I could edit in Articulate 09 with the Video Encoder.  I can't edit in Articulate 13.  I've asked several times now and I'm still where I started.  Can anyone help? 

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Billy,

I'm not able to reproduce this on my end, using Presenter '13 and a Replay MP4 file.

How are you inserting the video itself? Make sure you're selecting Video >> Add Slide Video From File...

After your video has been inserted into the slide, select it. 

Click on Video >> Edit Video...

If you use that method, is the "Edit Video" option still grayed out?

Billy Edwards

After trying to figure this out for nearly three weeks, our technoIogy department figured out that I needed to click on the video while in my power point presentation.  Once I click on it, the edit button is no longer grayed out.  This is not in the tutorial.  I can now edit my videos like before.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Billy,

Yes - it has to be selected. Phil mentioned this in another thread, I believe, but it may have been missed.

In either case, I'm certainly happy that you were able to get this working. I know it's been an ongoing project for you and I'm glad that you'll be able to continue working on your project.

Best of luck with the project and have a great day!