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Eric Nalian

Thanks Bruce!

The good news is that the software that I do screen recordings for, I am an expert at it - which makes my screencasts production ready at first cut, however, if I ever wanted to add something in the middle of it or if I have to use an SME to record a screencast for a software that they are the experts at, life becomes a challenge.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Matt and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! Looks like Bruce answered a similar question here.  You are specifically asking about Replay and Studio '13, so no, there is not video editing built into these products. Bruce mentioned using Storyline and there is some documentation to support doing what you are asking, and you can find that here. Otherwise, you will probably need an outside product to do custom editing and I'm not sure if users in the community have suggestions about what they like to use for this.

Raymond Pirouz

Can we *suggest* the ability to make simple edits (select a particular point in an audio/video segment and simply cut and move remaining 2 clips around, and even cut multiple times and select/delete the middle clip if you want to remove a 3-second or however long chunk) in a future update? 

This, and fade in/out (from black/white).....ok, 2 requests but hey, I think these are good requests!

I for one would love these features in a future update as it can be difficult to get things 100% perfect the first time around, not to mention that once you do a recording, it would be nice to be able to modify slightly after the fact w/o resorting to an external application which has render times associated with it.

Thanks for the consideration.