Flash Player and Replay

Articulate Replay says use without Adobe Flash Player is not recommended.  I keep getting this message and replay keeps locking up.  I am trying to get work done but this keeps getting in the way.  

When I click on the link to download Flash Player I am taken to the page that tells me Flash Player is no longer supported.  

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Kathy Boyle


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Kathleen,

I took a look at your case, and it sounds like you were on older versions of the software. Was your team able to get you up-to-date?

I'm curious about your Replay 360 version. We are currently on Build 2.23.24149.0, and this is the version in which we removed Flash dependencies.

Here's how you can check for your version within the software:

Or right from your Articulate 360 Desktop App: