Hosting suggestions? Articulate Online?

We're considering using Articulate Replay to create some short tutorial videos on a new system. We've already run into one issue where my colleague can't view mp4 because he's running Windows Media Player on Windows XP (and we can't be installing codec packages across the enterprise).

Without getting into a long explanation, I need to look at options for hosting this content online somewhere that we can control access to and that can be viewed by people off and on our network, regardless of if they can play mp4 or not.

Could you upload an mp4 file directly to Articulate Online and have it play, or would it have to be created inside of a traditional LMS course upload? My concern with this option is the cost factor. We already have an LMS, so I feel like we'd be paying for a bunch of added functionality we don't really need, in order to get the number of private users we need.

Also considering screenr for business instead of using Replay, but I want to have all the options.


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