How can I play both an audio music file and an audio speaking file at the same time?

I am using Articulate Replay for the first time to make a video simulation and would like to add 1 x video file and 2 separate audio files that need to play at the same time.

Audio file 1: this is a music file and needs to play throughout the entire simulation (as background music)

Audio file 2: this is the simulation instructions voice over. 

Video file 1: this is the screen simulation steps.

From what I've already read, I understand the A section of the timeline displays the screen simulation file which is working okay.

I then import Audio file 1: the background music and place this under the B section of the timeline (this needs to play for the entire video).

My issue is that when I try to import my Audio file 2: the voice over for my simulation, it places this file at the end of the current A or B timeline contents - it doesn't allow me to drag to overlap the other audio track on B so they both play together.

Does anyone know if this can be done and how?

Thank you :)

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Renata! 

Although Replay won't allow you to upload a video file and two audio files, there is an easy way to work around that. Try this:

  • Open Replay, and upload the video file and one audio file.
  • Publish the project to MP4, and close Replay.
  • Re-open Replay, and upload the new video file (the one you just published) and the second audio file.
  • Publish the project to MP4.

Now you should have a video with both audio files playing over it. Let me know how it goes!