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Lauren Connelly

Hi Phil!

I just tried to recreate this on my end using a QuickTime video in Replay 360 and publishing the file to a video file. Both the video and audio played. Would you mind sharing more information on how you imported the video into Replay? Also, how did you save the QT file prior to importing it into Replay 360?

For example, you should see these options when saving the QT file. 


Phil Follett

Hi Lauren,

to import the file, from replay i press the video icon on the top ribbon. is there another way? 

As to the file was set to me from a clients ipad so i have no idea what they chose, that said outside of replay it plays as a video on my PC.

i have also been able to import QT file successful, but not on this and a couple of other occations.

Ren Gomez

Hi Phil,

The steps you mentioned are the correct way to import a video.

To import a video file, click Video on the ribbon, browse to the file you want to import, and click Open.

QT files are a supported format for importing in Replay 360, so if you're still unable to import this specific file, feel free to share it with our support engineers, and they can take a closer look.