In Replay 360 audio doesn't play after cutting a section

Oct 18, 2018

I have imported a recorded mp4 video from a WebEx session and have a section I needed to remove.  I used the "cut" feature and removed the section between 53 minutes and 59 minutes.  Unfortunately the audio no longer plays prior to the cut at 53 minutes even though it is visible in track A.  The audio does play after the cut.    I have started over and have the same result.  

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Mary Gregg

Thanks for the direction.  I was able to uninstall/install Replay, reload the MP4 vidoe and clip out what I needed to remove.  

However, when I loaded the video to my Rise 360 course, the audio is missing from the first 26 minutes.  When I go back to the Replay file, the audio is there.  

I just installed updates to my Articulate 360 earlier this week.  Will I need to uninstall and reinstall all of the components?

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