Inserting power point presentation into replay

Jun 06, 2014

I recorded a video of a power point presentation and I am wanting to simultaneously play the power point and have the video narrate and have the power point presentation as the main window and have the video of the presenter below it.  Is this possible in Replay?

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Till Then

Good Morning Leah,

There are few was to do this!

You could save your PPT file as set of images

To do this in PowerPoint  select \File\Save As\ JPG or PNG\ 

This will save your PowerPoint presentation as set of images that you could import into Replay on Stream A.

You could then record your audio and modify the timing of each image as required.

Another method is 

You would also save your PPT file as Windows Media Video WMV. But this would require setting the time for each slide before you export from PowerPoint! 

I would recommend the first one!

A way to do this directly would make a good feature request !