Is there a way to control audio (keyboard typing) while having to demo a screen cast

Hi There

It's been a bit frustrating with replay. Quick overview I am using my headset to record audio while recording my screen to show end users a process. However each time I have to type the fields which I have to in the needed fields you can hear it in the published file it sounds awful. Any solutions? 

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Layla,

Provided you are not talking whilst you are typing, this is an easy fix.

After you have recorded your screencast, all you have to do is go down to your video timeline in Replay, highlight the area that contains the audio you want to remove (just as if you were going to delete a portion of your video) and then click on the Silence button in the toolbar. This will leave the video intact, but simply silence the audio output whilst you are typing the text and so you will no longer hear the background clatter of the keys. The audio will automatically cut back in once you reach the end of your highlighted zone.