Missing audio at the start of published Replay file


I have created a Replay file, where I have imported a mp4 video file. The mp4 file is video and audio (a recording of a webinar). I have problems hearing the audio at times, however when I close the file and re-open it, I can hear the audio from the start without problems. When I publish the file, it is cutting out the first 10 seconds of audio (it was 20 seconds when I first published it, however when I have re-published it to my local drive, it reduced to 10 seconds) 

I have a Track B image for the first 16 seconds of the file, (this has an introductory slide showing), however I still want the voice over from Track A playing for the whole thing. (The voice over does play, but only from the 10 second mark when published.)

I hope this make sense! Thanks in advance for your help.

Cheers, Kerry

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kerry,

Thanks again for sharing your file. The audio and video played for me first in preview, and then upon publish the audio went missing as you mentioned. Upon opening the file a second time as you mentioned, the audio played normally again. I'm going to start a Support case for you so that our team can take a deeper look at this file and how it's behaving.