Moving audio in Replay

Oct 20, 2019

Hi, I'm having trouble with audio file in Replay.

I'm sure this is a really easy thing to do, but I am not getting it.

I have inserted the audio into the file and it comes in at the end of the track. In the Help menu it says you then just drag the file where you want to play it in the file. That's were I get stuck. I can't drag the audio into the track, only between A and B but not into the actually video track where I wan't to insert it. 
What I am not doing?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Prana!

Are you hoping the audio will play at the same time as another object? You can move videos, audio clips, and images between the two media tracks. Just drag them up or down to an empty spot on the adjacent track.

This support article goes in-depth about adding and adjusting audio tracks. Please let me know if you are seeing something different!

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