Not able to capture screen using Lenovo inbuilt webcam


I am using screen record option of articulate replay with a newly purchased machine of lenovo- All in one desktop. This machine has inbuilt lenovo LBG 1080P camera.

But , no any screen or video is being recorded  after clicking on Done button, just audio is being recorded.

On the same desktop , i am using articulate presenter and engage with the video record features . It is working perfectly well.

Can you guide me , is it limitation of articulate replay software or i need to change any settings.

My OS is windows 8.1. After recording is over and i play the video , just blank scrren is displaying with some recorded audio.

The screen shot  of the issue is attached for your kind reference.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Santosh,

Are you trying to record at full screen or at a high resolution? We've heard of users who have had difficulty with that set up showing a black screen and only including the audio - so one user shared that changing the screen resolution from 1280x1024 to 1024x768 made the full screen recording work just fine. Have you looked at playing around with those elements? You may also want to look at the repair here if you haven't been recording at full screen/high resolution.