Pause while Recording in Replay


I have a slow network and when recording I need to use the pause option to wait for screens to catch up to ensure a smooth transition between screens.  This works well when playing back except for the Pause box message being displayed on the recording!   Is there a way to pause and not have this box appear?  If so, this would transform my recordings!



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Dorothy,

That does sound a little odd. I just created a little test recording and I paused about 5 times. I don't see any instance of the "Pause" screen at all in my recording. 

Can you walk me through the steps you're taking, or share the .replay file, so I can take a look at the recording? 

It almost sounds as if there's a second instance of the recording happening, so the "Pause" window is still picking up - but that doesn't make much sense :) Curious to see what's causing this.


Alicia Breig

Hi Christine,

     Could you look at my recording?  I am having the very same exact issue!  Everytime I paused the presentation while using a keyboard shortcut, it showed the "paused" window for a second.  I did not notice this as an issue when I using the pause button instead of a keyboard shortcut.  I have attached the screen recording. 

Tracy Bowden

I am using Replay for the first time to create a series of systems training screencasts, and am dismayed that the pause message is captured by the recording and can be seen by our learners.  Can anyone recommend a free editing programme that will enable me to edit it out, Storyline only seems to allow me to trim the ends of the recording.  It's very disappointing that this issue has been known about for over a year and hasn't yet been resolved by your QA Team.