Recorded audio in Audacity to sync up with video in Replay, and now the audio has suffered.

Mar 02, 2016


I recorded my audio for a course in Audacity, and then recorded video via the screen recording feature in Storyline II.  I first inserted both files into my course, but the problem was that when the media was paused, only the video paused, but the audio kept going.  

To get around this issue, I inserted both files into Replay and combined them both into one MP4 file.  The audio that had been crisp and clean (as I had used the Noise Reduction feature in Audacity previously) when I had two files, now sounded like they had been recorded in a large tunnel.  

How can I get around the pausing issues, and also losing audio quality when I am limited to recording audio and video separate?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tara!

Are you adding the video as shown here? The video and the audio should be on the same timeline. Unfortunately, I do know that we have an issue if the user scrubs the seekbar as things can get out of sync then and our QA Team is looking into this.

As far as the audio in Replay, are you using a supported format as explained in this tutorial?

Tara Consiglio

Hi Leslie,

Thank you so much for answering!

I reviewed the tutorials you included in your response, and yes, I am adding the video according to the first tutorial, and using a supported format for Replay (WAV) in the second.

I ran a test by combining my MP4 video track and my original unedited WAV audio track, and it still had the tunnel sound.

Are there any workarounds, or other audio editing capabilities in Replay that I could use to combat this?  I'd love for our learners to have some control over the media in our courses beyond either reloading the page, or hitting the back button.


Leslie McKerchie

There is not a robust audio editor within Replay. Are you having this issue with any file that you import or just one? I'm curious if your Replay software is having difficulty and perhaps a repair will assist. You are welcome to work directly with our support team here so that perhaps they could take a look at your file and understand what may be going on better.

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