Replay 360 - Webcam says it is in use by another application

Oct 17, 2017

I open Replay 360 and start recording from the screen with a webcam PiP. I finish recording and return to the programme. All fine so far. Oops, I need to record a bit more, or perhaps redo the video entirely. Now when I go to record the screen the webcam windows displays "Another application might be using your webcam..."

Now, I can assure you nothing else is. I have closed everything else down, and used task manager to stop all sorts of processes I thought might be to blame. I have disabled and enabled the webcam. I have unplugged it and plugged it back in again. Nothing stops Replay from thinking it is in use. The only thing that works is a complete PC restart.

And this is solely an error with Replay. Skype can use the webcam then stop using it then start using it again. So can Webex, and the rubbish software that came with the webcam. But as soon as Replay has used the webcam once none of the programmes or websites can access it. They all say it is in use. Replay has ruined it for everyone!

It's like Replay has planted a marker to say "I'm using the webcam everybody, won't be long" and has then forgotten to take the marker down afterwards. From that point onwards every programme, including itself bizarrely, sees the marker and gives up.

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Jeroen Lensen

Hi there,

I encountered the same problem (also in Storyline). In my case the antivirusprogram (I use Bitdefender) blocked my webcam. Once I allowed in the antivirusprogram that Replay may use the webcam, I could use the webcam. (For Storyline same solution.) Normally, the antivirusprogram asks me if something should be blocked or not. This time I somehow missed this warning.

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