Replay: Blurring (Deleting) Small Portions of Frame?

Hi.  I build training materials for customer service agents at Capital One.  I frequently use screenshots of our customer account systems to train agents on how to handle all different types of customer calls.  Whenever I need to use a screenshot in my training materials and it contains personal or financial information specific to one of our customer's, I simply "scrub" out that information on my screenshot (SS#, DOB, username, etc.), to protect the customer's personal/financial information.  I really want to start using Replay, instead of boring screenshots; however, I am stumped as to how I'm going to "scrub" out specific customer information from my Replay videos.   

Any thoughts on how to do this using Replay?  In my mind, this is what I'm thinking I need to do:  freeze a frame that contains personal/financial customer info, draw a small box around the area to be "scrubbed," and then somehow BLUR out the small area of the screen (or DELETE that area, etc.).    Thoughts anyone?  

Megan Nesbitt
Capital One - US Card Agent Readiness

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