Replay file won't open

Jan 22, 2015

I have a file I recorded using Replay. I want to open and publish it as an MP4. I now find the file extension is : .~REPLAY instead of the regular: .replay

When I try to open the file I get an error that Windows can not identify the program to open it with. When I try to open the file with "Open With" command and manually search Replay, the error I get is "Project cannot be opened, it is not a Replay project".

I made a copy of the file, saved the copy to different area of my drive and manually changed the file extension to .replay

The file icon changed to the purple Replay icon, but when I try to open the file I get an error : "This project is invalid or corrupt and cannot be opened. It may have been created in an earlier version of Replay." There is no earlier version of Replay on my computer....

Is there any way to get this file open?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Tabatha!

Welcome to the community. It sounds as if the file may have been corrupted. Unfortunately it is difficult to recover a corrupted file.  I want to first verify that  your project files are located on your local hard drive (typically your C: drive). Working on a network drive or a USB drive can cause erratic behavior.

You may also look into the steps here if you continue to see this issue.

Tabatha Dimas

Yes, files are local. This was a screen cast recording ; audio, laptop
camera and PPT. No errors during record or when I hit escape to end or when
I saved.

My IT group pushed Windows and security updates earlier this week which
moved me me to IE 11 and flash 16. So now I can't open any of my articulate
products in addition to the file problem. I moved the file to a coworkers
computer that had not been updated (thinking this may be the problem) but
the file still reads as a. ~REPLAY on his computer and won't open.

This is a recording of a training session my company flew me to so that I
could gather information to convert the content from ILT to virtual. I
really need to get this open if possible. I have back up notes but they are
not as complete as the entire recording would be.

Emily Ruby

Hello Tabatha!

The update to Flash 16 did cause issue with our products. You can download the fix for Replay here, and for the Studio products here.

As far as this particular file, it does seem to have some corruption. You might not be able to recover that file. you could submit it to our support team to take another look.

Tabatha Dimas

I would be happy to submit the file to support, but when I follow the link
provided I go to a page that asks for my full name, email, product, and "to
prove I'm human what's 1 plus 2" I enter 3 and all the other info, click
the next button and stay stuck on this screen. Is there a direct email that
I can use since this page won't let me through?

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