Replay slow to publish

Edited a video in Replay and am trying to publish it -- it's over  1 hour.  File is not that large.  When I loaded it, it was about 50kb, after editing (I'm the one that has the files that seem to grow) - I'm  not sure what size it is, but it shouldn't take this long.

I presume it's user error - put can you put me on a better path.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Claire,

I'm sorry that's happening--I definitely wouldn't expect publishing to take an hour. I'm happy to help!

If your file is already saved to your local drive, try going through these steps to repair Replay.

If you're still getting stuck, send your unpublished file to our team by clicking here, and our Support Engineers will have a look!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Claire.  I just wanted to clarify -- is it taking over an hour to publish, or is the video itself over an hour long?

Just to start by covering bases, here are some tips on managing Replay files so that they perform well for you.

If you're able to save your Replay file and you can share it here using "Add Attachment," I'm happy to have a look and try to publish on my end.