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Aug 13, 2014

Hi all,

I recently updated to '13. When I go to do a screen recording, I follow the steps in the tutorial. However, when I click to turn on the cam, I don't see the screen settings window. My laptop does not have an internal cam so I have a Logitech C930e attached. The camera comes on, it records as expected, but it's hard to aim the camera without the preview. I can see a preview window in other programs I use, so I'm sure the cam is working. I checked and hardware acceleration is enabled.

Any ideas?


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Adrian Dean

Hi Barry,

Sorry to hear about your issue. First thing first, please make sure that you meet the System Requirements for Replay here. I would then make sure you had the latest Graphics Driver available. There may be a newer one available at the OEM sites like Intel, Nvidia, or AMD versus your computer manufacturer's.

After all of that, please see about running through the following. This usually resolves most issues. If you are still having problems, please see about submitting a Support Case so that we can take a closer look.

Always Happy to Help,


Barry Johansen

Hi, yeah, I tried the slider on/off, looked behind windows, rebooted, reattahed the cam, detached the cam, removed external monitors, etc. I'll go through the list you offered this afternoon. Since yesterday it's gotten worse...Replay won't open. I had this issue last week but the update #3 seemed to fix it. Unfortunately it's back. When I launch Replay I get the splash screen but then the program terminates. It is an older system so that may be the issue. I think the next step may be to reformat my drive and reinstall everything... I'll let you know what I discover.

Thanks for all the help!


Chris Hugo

I am experiencing the same issue with my inbuilt webcam. Haven't been able to select it with the slider since the last update of Replay. Haven't had an issue before that.

My version of Replay is Update 3: 1610.2715

My laptop is a high end gaming laptop, so definitely meets the specs required by Replay.

Any assistance would be great.

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