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I'm creating a project for the web and the project includes a 1080p video.  How do I resize the project for publishing to the web?  1080p is too large for my application.

On the forum one person mentioned that there is a "Publish" screen where there are options such as video quality.  How do I get to the publish screen on Replay 1:1311.2718?

On the beggining Replay toturial it states:

"Your Replay project will automatically adjust to accommodate your video clips. In other words, it'll be as wide as your widest video and as tall as your tallest video. Any video clips or images that are smaller than these dimensions will be centered on the stage."

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Matt and welcome to Heroes! 

In regards to changing the quality settings, it's not something listed as a part of the Replay publish described here. It's possible the other thread was referring to publish settings for Storyline or Studio which allow you to change the quality for images, audio, and video during publish. You could also try to record the video using Replay to have it be the size you'd like for Replay. 

Also, as you shared the Replay stage will adjust for video clips, so the overall dimensions are not accessible. You may want to submit a feature request if you'd like to set the Replay size to a default that would always resize video clips to fit.