Rise 360 None of my Editing tools are activated / screen size in Replay 360

I have a project in Rise 360 with quite a few sections.  at the beginning of my video, i need to spread out my second section because a bit of the audio is cut off when transitioning into the second section.  When i try to insert a space between my first and second sections of the video, none of my editing tools are activated.  I just need a small space between them so i can stretch out my second section a bit.  

Also, my screen doesn't look like the you tube videos i watch.  I really cannot see what is being displayed very clearly because the screen is small.  When i imported my project into Rise 360, i have margins on either side of my video.  Is this how it's supposed to be? 

even with adjusting my screen resolution to, i think its 12something to 780 so i can get a full screen recording of my system, in Replay 360 the screen is still small. 


thanks for your help.


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Kim!

Have you tried adding splits to the timeline? This is an easy way to add pauses to the timeline.

Secondly, how are you importing the Replay video to Rise 360? Are you using the Video Block?

Also, can you share your Replay project with us so we can see which edits aren't activated? You can do so by using the "Add Attachment" in this discussion!

Kim Markey

I tried adding a split, however none of my edits would activate. I watched a video on it and it looked simple, but not when you don’t have access to the edits.

I will be importing the video to a Rise 360 video block.

I still struggle with screen resolution. I noticed in the you tube videos his play screen in Reply looks big and clear. Mine is very small and I really cannot see what’s on the video until I export it. I was hoping to be able to see a screen recording while I was adding audio, but that was not the case, so I had to do video and audio together, hence the numerous small sections that I ended up with.

I would be happy to share my replay project with you if you tell me how. Also, I fixed it this morning by moving all of my sections over to the right manually a little so I could fit my second section correctly. I had to keep moving. Tedious, but I was tired of bashing my head against the wall trying to figure something else out.