Script Error on Replay homepage

I recently had Articulate Replay installed on my Windows 7 system. On the homepage, there is a window that gives links to demos, training, etc. - I can view this link outside of Replay, but I get a Script error in the window when I open Replay. I have already uninstalled/reinstalled the software without luck. It is also working correctly on a co-workers tower which has the same configuration/permissions as mine. Any ideas? The error pop-up is attached.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Toni,

I realize this issue is Replay-specific for you, but I did find a thread for another product that may help:

script error on SL application launch - E-Learning Heroes

Though I realize the updates for Storyline won't impact your experience with Replay, some of the other suggestions might do the trick.

Let me know if you try those suggestions and still see the script errors when launching Replay.



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Toni,

That's good to know - thank you very much for the additional information.

This looks to be a browser security issue. Our software does rely on Internet Explorer and it's Flash Player when handling previewing, etc. That is also the case for start-up pages that appear when the software first opens.

So what I would do is see what happens if you lower your security level in Internet Explorer:

Change security andprivacy settings in Internet Explorer

It might also be antivirus, firewall, and/or some other type of security software that is interfering. It might also be a proxy server that is blocking the communication.

If you work with an IT department or admin, I recommend reaching out to them for assistance with this, if the suggestions above don't resolve the issue.

Please let us know how it goes!