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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Trish!  Replay will keep the speed of the video as it was recorded. But I have a couple of ideas for you!

  • You can mix video files and adjust the timing of each, so you could consider breaking up that video with webcam explanations of the process, for example.  Check out our Replay 360 User Guide for help with using those features.
  • Do you also have access to Storyline?  It sounds like the screen recording tool in Storyline might be a good fit here.  Screen recordings can be inserted as single videos, or as step by step videos where you can control how that process is demonstrated.  You can even give your learners a chance to try each step with guiding hints!

Let me know how that works for you.

Trish Davey

Thanks Crystal, I will try your suggestions.  I am only new to the product so just finding my way around.

Another question please, how do I combine two Replay files? I split the recording and created two separate files and now want to put them back together!  I don't want to have to record it all again.  I made it a video and imported but it has Lower Third notes which I now can't amend?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Trish, 

Replay can have video files importing into it, as shown here. Since the native files of Replay are a .replay file type, those can't be imported into an existing setup.

If you'd like to use something you'd already created in a new Replay video, I'd look at removing things like the "lower third" and republishing to an MP4. Once you have that file, you'd import it into your new Replay project.