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Christine Hendrickson

Hi John,

I think your idea of publishing separate "pieces" of the video may work the best. You can control the timing of videos, but I don't believe you can break them apart. 

These tutorials may help:

Rearranging Objects

Mixing Videos

Adjusting the Timing and Duration of Objects

Again, I do think separate videos might work best. Mainly, I think this would give you more control over the different portions and enable you to record between the segments, or even add another prerecorded video.

I'd love to hear some other suggestions, if anyone would like to share.

Good luck with the project!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Peter and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

This has come up in a couple of new threads recently and it's not currently an option to split recordings/videos at this point. I do agree that it would be an excellent addition. If you haven't already, I would recommend following along with us and submitting a feature request as well.

Thanks and welcome again!