Test to Speech in Replay?

Sep 05, 2018

I'm working on building a course in Replay, it's a pretty basic screen recording showing how to open one of our websites.  I would love to add text-to-speech here...I really like how it works in SL, is there anyway to do it in Replay, or to record it in SL then port it to Replay?


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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Marcie.  Thanks for asking!  Text-to-speech is a feature exclusive to Storyline.  You can record audio in Rise if you need to add narration to your lesson.  One note - audio is user initiated in Rise, so users will click to hear audio once they reach that block.

It sounds like you'd like to see some stock audio in the Content Library, as well.  Thanks for letting me know what would improve your experience!  I'll share that request with our team.

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