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Jeff Kortenbosch

Leslie is right but there's a way to do this.

  • first publish your video as is. Now you have the complete recording as a video file
  • with your original video on the timeline, trim it back from the end of the recording to the the moment where you want to cut it
  • Now insert the full recording you just published
  • Trim it from the beginning of the video to the point where you want to continue
  • slide the videos against each other and voila!

publish and you're done!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Marie-Pierre,

Replay 1 and Replay 360 provide a way to record screencasts and your webcam simultaneously. It's not intended as a video editor.

Jeff shared a great way to accomplish this task if needed here.

Could you share a bit more about what you are working to accomplish so that we could help you out?