Trimming Audio in MP4 import using Replay

Hi,  I am hoping someone can help with an easy explanation as I am a bit lost with the tutorials.  I have imported an .mp4 video clip into Replay and would like to trim audio between 1.12 and 1.20, the clip runs to 1:28.    I have looked at tutorials but cannot work out how to do it, any help would be welcome.  



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Dorothy.  To do really deep edits, like separating the audio from a video file, you'll want to use a third party tool like Audacity.

Replay will allow you to mix media and do light edits, like trimming the entire media file, cutting segments or adding silence.  Unless you have added video and audio separately on Replay's dual tracks, your .mp4 will be treated as one piece of media including the video and audio.