Video recording not functioning when recording multiple attempts

I'm making small replay videos that I am inserting into my Storyline file. I've had the issue happen 3-4 times where I don't like my first take, hit the trash can, make a second (or third) attempt and it does not populate into the editor when I'm done.

I have to close replay and then re-record it. 

I'm using an HP Win7 with a dual monitor setup with external logitech Cam and Yeti Mic.

Any suggestions as to what is causing this?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Chase,

Do you know what update and version of Replay and Storyline you're using? Also when recording in Replay are you recording on the other monitor than where Replay is showing? I can't think of a similar issue I've seen, so I'd want to know a bit more about where you're storing your .replay files as well - our recommendation is always to work on local project files as working off a network/shared drive can cause some unexpected behaviors. 

Chase Funke

Hi Ashley,


I stay up to date on all 360 updates as they come out. 

I do often "pull" the recording area to the second screen. ex: All 360 programs default to my left Monitor and I will often do the recordings from the right Monitor. Could that possibly be affecting it?

The local drive thing I learned the hard way after I had a file get corrupted :(.  Everything is on my local hard drive now in the Articulate folder in My documents.



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Chase, 

Recording on the other monitor could have an impact on this - I would give it a test to see if you're able to see the same crashing behavior. I don't have a dual monitor set up to test on, so let us know if you're unable to give it a test and I can reach out to a few others on the team who may be able to replicate this set up.