Video uploaded to Replay doubles in size, then doubles in size again when I pull it into Rise

Okay -- I must be doing something wrong.  I uploaded an MP4 of a recent inhouse webinar into Replay, edited out all the ums, ers, mistakes, etc. But, when I published it, it doubled in size (ie. 18mb to 36mb).  Then, when I used that larger, edited video, in a Rise project - when I exported the course, it doubled in size again (36-72).


What am I doing wrong?  And thank you for any comments and help.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Claire, thanks for reaching out! 

I did a quick test of this, and I wanted to share my results so we can compare:

  • Original video file: 481 KB
  • Replay MP4 file: 504 KB
  • Replay MP4 in Published Rise output: 657 KB

Would you be willing to share your original video file with us? We'll want to test it to see whether the file size doubles for us, as well. Click here to send it our way, and be sure to include the forum thread link. Thanks!