1 Extra Point Automatically Added in Storyline 1 Results Slide

I'm really having trouble getting a Results Slide to behave in a Storyline 1 free-form pick one quiz. Sometimes, the results don't get entered at all. For the last few times, the results show up, but an extra point is given (that is, the results say that students got one more correct than they actually did). I checked to make sure that the "points" per question is only one, but I'm still getting the problem. I tried importing the questions into another Storyline project, but same thing happens. 

I do have a large number of choices (20). Could that be the problem?

Thanks for any help.  


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Joseph Flanagan


I created a new quiz, imported the old one, and now it seems to work properly. Not sure what the original problem was, but now is taken care of. 

I'm a bit confused about a couple of things, however (neither of which are major problems). First, usually when I imported a storyline project, the questions are included in the question bank (that is, when they are all selected). This time, an empty quiz bank was imported, and the questions were imported outside of it. It wasn't difficult to reimport the questions, but I'm not sure why the questions were not imported inside the question bank this time. 

The other thing is how Storyline handles variables, especially those from Results slides. If you import a Result slide, there are copies of, say, Results_3.ScorePoints. I understand why that is case, but it seems to me that it is impossible to delete those variables, even if the results slides that generated them are deleted. Perhaps this is a minor thing, but it's a bit irritating.

Anyway, everything now works, and the error was either the work of gremlins or something I was doing wrong.

Thanks for the help.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Joseph,

glad it worked out for you.

I haven't had a problem deleting all the variables when you do an import as long as they aren't referenced anywhere in the project ± so might leave that one to Emily to answer

I found another post that might help you with your first point - copied below for you

First, please make sure that you have the latest Storyline update


Then follow the steps below:


1) Create a new Storyline file

2) Click the Articulate button > Import > Storyline

3) Select the .story file that has the Question Bank

4) From the Insert Slides window, don't select the ordinary slides anymore. Look for the questions under the Question Bank sectionand select all the questions.

5) At the bottom left corner of that window, "Insertinto scene" should be "Same as imported project".

6) Click the Import button


You might not see any change in your Scene or Slide butif you check your Question Banks from the menu above, you will notice that the Question Bank from the other story file is added.


Let us know how you go

Emily Ruby

Hello Joseph!

I created a quick question bank, with a few freeform drag and drop, added a results slide, saved the file then created a new project and imported the original without issues. The question bank was set up exactly as the old file.

Are you using the insert slide: import: Storyline feature?

Following Wendys steps above should help as well.

As far as the results slide, I did not see any copies of variables as you described. Would you be able to share the file for us to look at?

Have you tried the repair to Storyline that I linked above?