1 video in the template --> 62 video files / 600 Mo in the publication !

Sorry for my approximative english... I'm french :)

I have a problem with my Storyline publication : from a simple mp4 file in the master of my slides, results a multiples copied mp4 files with of course too many Mo...

Never seen this before, with the same operation ! Can somebody help me ?

Thank you !

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Elie-Pierre Demaret

Hi Leslie,
Thank you: Lori Johnson seemed to have the same problem 6 months ago... but didn't post a solution.
I have removed/reinstalled SL2, without a result. I found that the works which correctly published with videos in master slides used ... SL1 !
The only solution that appear to me is to put the video in one only slide, and make links to it.
And for information, the process of videos in slide masters perfectly worked with SL1.

Many thanks, Leslie, for your answers, and of course if you hear about a correction... I'm interested ! :)

Have a nice day !
Best regards,

Elie-Pierre Demaret.