100% validation conditions of an e-learning module in the plateforme

Aug 26, 2020

Hi, my question is: which conditions are needed to validate with 100% a module in a LMS Platform ?

Here is my problem: I published scorm modules and load them on my platform. But... Even if students go thru the entire scorm module on the platform, his progression is not 100%.


Do you know if the problem comes from the LMS or my modules ?


Thanks for your help

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Sam Hill

Hi Lucie, the module should just need to send some kind of completion to the LMS and be published as a SCORM module.

If the module has a quiz, you can have the results slide trigger completion when the user gets the required score.

If the module does not have a quiz, you can have the module mark as complete based on slides viewed.

Alternatively you can add your own completion trigger, using the triggers panel. 

Sending completion to the LMS should be all that is required to show progression at 100% (I'm guessing this is the LMSs way of saying the module is completed).

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