1st Screencast - Is it supposed to take this long?


I just recorded my first screen cast - well actually my third attempt because it took me that long to figure out why there wasn't any sound even though I had just recorded directly onto the previous slide... default setting isn't microphone for screencasts.

After I finished each time, it took a long time to process.  Really long... much longer than the screen cast itself.  Is that normal, or is there some setting I need to locate and fix?  It took over 20 minutes to process and load a 7.5 minute segment.

Another issue was the sound quality.  As I mentioned I had just recorded onto the previous slide.  I didn't change any settings or even walk away from the microphone before I did the screen cast.  The result was very loud and distorted, whereas the recorded slide sounded just fine. 

Any suggestions?

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