2 Accessibility Questions

I have two quick questions regarding accessibility I was wondering if someone could help me with. Both of them are regarding using the tab function to complete the course:

1. When a user is tabbing through the course, a yellow box highlights the section that is active. Is it possible to change the colour of this yellow box? It can get lost when used over a yellow background.

2. The second question is a little more difficult to describe - when tabbing through a course, if the user tabs through a number of buttons and activates one that brings up a new layer, when they eventually close the layer and return to the original slide, they have to tab through all of the buttons again from the beginning, which can get tedious. Is there a way to save the position of the tab box so it doesn't reset?


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Debbie Chaddock

Hi Jon, I can't reproduce the tabbing sequence issue you describe in either the March or September version of Storyline 3. I assume you adjusted the Tab Order? The default Tab Order often results in the behavior you describe.

BTW, I don't think there's any way to change the color of the Tab Box outline.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Jon!

You're on the same wavelength as many of our community members! 

We have created a feature request for changing the lightbox color when tabbing through a course. We'll keep you updated in this discussion when we hear more from our Engineering team.

For your second question, the tab order always resets when the timeline resets on a slide. So when a user returns to the base layer a timeline will restart which means the tab order restarts as well. This is another accessibility feature we've added to the list! Good news, we have a team that is dedicated to making our programs more accessible. Simon, one of our product managers, posted an update on what we are working on in regards to accessibility.

Thank you for taking the time to bring these concerns to our attention!