2 issues: Audio cutting out at end and imported Engage not working

Aug 09, 2012


Hopefully someone can assist me.

I have 2 issues:

The first one is my audio cuts out before the end of the slide.  However, if you go back to replay the slide, all of the audio is there and plays fine.  I have my Storyline set to play automatically (like a "movie") so I'm wondering if I need to do some sort of preload?  I don't think I should have to, but wondering what others think?

Second thing is imported Engage interactions don't work at all in my Storyline project (same project).  Is there something I'm supposed to set (or trigger) in order to get those to work?

Any help you can provide is much appreciated!!


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Peter Anderson

Hey Judy

Was wondering if this is the same issue as our other thread? And what about the Engage not working - has that been resolved? Is the problem getting the Engage interaction(s) inserted into the course, or is the issue with viewing the published version? Are you seeing any specific error messages related to Engage? Let us know...


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