2 post assessments

I have a course in Storyline that has 2 post assessments.  The user will choose a path 1/2 way through the course and in the end be directed to 1 of the 2 assessments. 

When they finish the course -- no matter which assessment they complete, as long as they pass it, they will pass the course.  However, when setting up the course, it only gives you an option to select one RESULTS slide as the "completion".


Is there a way for it to look at 2 results slide?  If not, can we make each assessment use the same results slide but use 2 separate set of questions?



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Emily Ruby

Hello Kelly,

You can add a results slide at the end of the course that tracks both of the quizzes, and then use that one for tracking. You might have to play with the passing score for the final one if they are only required to pass one of the quizzes.

You can also look at the information here about using multiple SCOs.