2 questions about a storyline quiz

Hi all,

I am developing the attached quiz and while doing that, two questions arose, I'd like to ask here. 

1. If a learner has not reached 80% the button "Quiz erneut machen" (repeat quiz) appears. Until now, the learner had to take the whole quiz again, even if only 2 answers were wrong. Is it possible to configure the quiz the way, that only the questions that were wrong must be completed?

2. the 4th question - a drag'n drop Q - in the quiz leaves the learner 3 tries. Currently, if an answer was wrong, the learner can repeat his answer, but the drag items remain on the drop targets. Before retrying, the learner must now manually move back the drop items, while I would like them to move back to the initial state they had on the left side, right after clicking "Erneut versuchen" (Try again). How can I do that?

I hope to have been clear with my description and thank you in advance for your support.

Best Roland

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