2 quizzes storyline2 second result slide is bonkers

I have a Storyline 2 file in which I built two quizzes with two separate results slides. The first results slide is fine, the 2nd one is giving results like 81.81% (there are 10 Qs, correct/incorrect (no partial)).  That = 9 if 11 were possible.

7/10 accurately reports 70 points, but shows 63.63%. Again, as if 11 were possible instead of 10.

When I save the file and delete everything prior to 2nd quiz, it previews perfectly fine on multiple runs. Already tried deleting and re-building 2nd results slide to ensure it is not pulling additional questions from earlier quiz. 


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Erik Richardson

Thank you, Leslie. I opened a ticket last night and one of the Articulate staff was able to help me out. You guys are awesome, as usual! 

solution: I was able to go back into the results slide and un-select checkboxes for which things were being counted.

Mind you, I have no idea WHY it was counting the extra slide, but that's the poltergeist life of technology. :-D