2 Text Entries on 1 slide?

Oct 19, 2016


I am new to Story Line 2 and absolutely love the program, though I have run into a road block.

I am creating a question that requires the learner to enter 2 text entries. It is vital that it be placed on the same slide. I want both entries to show in the LMS (which for me is Articulate Online).  I don't understand how I would do this as this link: https://community.articulate.com/series/4/articles/text-entry-questions-in-articulate-storyline-2 States that it is not possible. To quote it:

"You can add multiple text-entry fields to a single slide, but only one can be evaluated. If you need to evaluate more than one text-entry field on the same slide, consider this method instead."

The method offered would not work either as I need to be able to see on the LMS what they entered into the text entries so I could mark them myself.

Any advice?

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Matthew Adams

Hi Wendy

I appreciate the response. However the example shown does not help accomplish my task. I want to see what their response is for both text entries on that particular slide, and the video shown seems to eliminate that and turn it into a yes or no scenario. Essentially I want to mark the responses myself.

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