2 triggers to Next button

I gave 2 triggers to the next button. 

On my slide, I have a layer, so the first trigger is SHOW SLIDE when user click NEXT button.

Then I have another trigger under that says SHOW NEXT SLIDE when user click NEXT button.

When I play it, it goes to my layer for half a second, and right to the next slide. 

How can I make it go to the layer and then the next slide?

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Donna Morvan

Hello Guy,

If I am not mistaken, you cannot set the Next button to SHOW 2 things at the same time. (I may be wrong)

If the first trigger is to show a layer then you might just want to stick to that as the trigger for the next button. Meaning:

Next = show layer

Then you can add a trigger on the Layer itself to jump to the next slide when the Timeline of that layer ends.

Hope that makes sense.

Donna Morvan

Hi Guy,

You're not actually pressing the Next button "twice". You are just doing it once to show the layer. Then it should automatically jump to the next slide without pressing anything on layer as long as the trigger is set to jump when its timeline ends.

LOL.. just saw your answer PHIL.. I feel like a broken record. haha

Michael Poli

We want the NEXT button to control user movement -

On Slide 1 from the Base Layer we want user to click on NEXT button

to reveal the second  layer -

then click on the NEXT button to Jump to the Next slide -

when user clicks on NEXT button in the second layer -

it doesn't jump to the next slide -

Is there a way to make the NEXT button work from the second layer?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Michael,

Welcome to the community.

I was uncertain if you wanted 2 layers in addition to the base layer or just 1, so I went ahead and made 2.

Created a number variable and called it NEXT.

Added a trigger that Adds 1 to the NEXT variable each time Learners click the Next button

Added a trigger to show layer 1 when Learners click Next if NEXT variable = 1

Added a trigger to show layer 2 when Learners click Next if NEXT variable = 2

Added a trigger to show Slide 2 when Learners click next if NEXT variable >2

Also, on Slide B I added a trigger to change the next variable=0 when the timeline starts, thinking you may want to use the variable again.

Please shout out with any questions.