2007 power point - conditions?

Hi Heros, 

Does anyone know how if you can create conditions in a power point 2007?  I am designing a course and I know when I convert it to storyline I can make set conditions, just wondering if you can do it in powerpoint?

Basically I have a main slide with 6 objects on it. When the user clicks on the object it takes them to a slide and then there is a previous button that returns them to the main slide.  I want to somehow show that object has been clicked, either by having a check mark appear or dim in or something.

Any help is appreciated! 

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Brian Allen

Hello Mischelle, can you clarify if you're using Storyline or Studio?

PPT conditions are not supported, however in Storyline you can accomplish exactly what you're trying to do by using button states, as outlined in this tutorial (just scroll down the "All about states" section) - https://community.articulate.com/series/20/articles/creating-interactive-slides