24 January Update: Text Box Size and Position Changed in Project

Jan 24, 2023


Just installed the 24 January update, Build 3.72.29654.0. I opened up a project I saved yesterday and all of text box sizes have changed (smaller), and one has shifted position to the right.

Anyone else seeing this behavior?


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Jürgen Schoenemeyer

you are right - there is a bug with Storyline 3.72 and text

Storyline 3.71

same .story file opened with 3.72

the font size is different - with 3.71 (21.5px) and opened with 3.72 (25px)

now a have saved in 3.72 the .story file and opened it in 3.71 and the font size is 25px

WARNING: don't save the file with 3.72 until the problem is solved by articulate


Michael Ballauff


after I've updated Storyline to 3.72.x all my slides are displayed empty and the program collapses with the first action.

With the downgrade to version 3.71.x the issue you've described here occurs: larger font size and line spacing, so that existing text boxes don't fit anymore.

So a downgrade does not help, neither a totally fresh installation. It seems once you've carried out the update the system is corrupted.

What can I do?


Jürgen Schoenemeyer

it's very strange, that not all files which I created today with 3.71 have the problem on 3.72

a have created 5 times an example

Computer 1: 3 tries -> 2 with errors and 1 without error
Computer 2: 2 tries -> 1 with error and 1 without error

there seem to be a "random" influence - which I did not found


Jürgen Schoenemeyer

there are problems with font size and there is a new (internal) feature with the name UseNewFontScaling

UseNewFontScaling seems to be the reason why downgrading to version before 3.70 is not possible

in the .story file "/story/story.xml" you can find

3.72 UseNewFontScaling="true"  <- feature active
3.71 UseNewFontScaling="false" <- feature not active
3.70 UseNewFontScaling="false" <- feature not active
3.69 --                        <- feature unknown

I need compatibility to Storyline 3, so probably the best decision is to wait for the April update

Dan Epstein

Did some checking on another project. First, I made a copy of a pre-3.72 project. Upon examination, I'm seeing that text boxes with a font size less than 20 are not affected by this issue. Some, but not all, of my text boxes of font size greater than or equal to 20 are affected.

Jurgen, this coincides with the test results you posted earlier.

Michael Ballauff

Finally I solved my problem. With version 3.72 Storyline installs new font versions and updates e. g. Open Sans from 1.1 to 3.0. This should be the reason for different font sizes and line spacing.

After the Storyline downgrade the new font versions remain and cause the same problems in Storyline 3.71. After deinstalling the updated fonts and reinstalling Storyline 3.71 it works again as expected.

I assume Storyline 3.72 crashed on my system and displayed empty slides because after the update different versions of the same font family were present.

In the Windows font manager you can check your font versions and perhabs find the fonts which cause problems.

Michael Marcos

Hi Michael, 

Are you able to send us a copy of your Update 71 (fixed) version of your file? If you prefer to do this privately, you can send it to us via our support page here.

Our team would like to get our hands on some real-world use cases and investigate further. 

All the best,
Michael Marcos
Customer Support Product Liaison

Michael Ballauff

Hi Michael, there isn't any fixed file because I didn't save the file with Storyline 3.72. I opened the file in v3.72 and the system crashed. After the downgrade to v3.71 the same file was displayd wrongly because of the updated font Open Sans. After removing the font and reinstalling v3.71 everything was o.k. again. So it's the same file before and after the update and all downgrades without any changes.

It wasn't a problem with the file but with the fonts that are installed with Storyline 3.72.