2nd attempt drag&drop problem

May 15, 2012

Hi there!

I am still reviewing this product and I see the incredible potential. However, I am struggling even to get the easiest of things done here.


Drag and drop works fine the first time round. Second time, the drag items won't show anymore. So again I am stuck and seriously wasting hours of fiddling with "reset slide to initial state" etc. but all seem to fail.

I would appreciate it very much if someone could take a look at my 2 slide story and tell me what I have done wrong here.

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Wim van den Bosch

Hi Phil,

Thanks for replying but the issue still remains.

I don't understand why this issue happen in the first place. All I want is users to have a 2nd attempt and redo the slide when they failed the first time.

Issue: The 2nd time they do the slide, the words that they should drag into the box won't appear.

Wim van den Bosch

Hold your horses

I actually rectified the issue by deselecting the "hide objects on base layer"..now the words appear the 2nd time round.

However I still have 2 issues remaining:

1. The words DO appear the 2nd time...however, they are still inside the box where the user placed them the first time...I just want the slide to "start again"...(yes I have selected to "reset to initial state")

2. Look at my screenshot that I attached I get a strange message through my slide!!!!!!!

Wim van den Bosch

Phil thank you very much for taking trouble to reply, I really appreciate it a lot.

However, at the moment I get pretty sick of all this troubleshooting to get the simplest of things done. Even if your suggestion would work, why would it not be possible to make a quiz question in the first place?

And any idea why this "hardware id...." message comes up through my slide if I deselect "hide objects on base layer"

Now I ill start again, delete my slide, start over from scratch...and this is the so many time I do this.

I would say, not worth paying money for if all these bugs still exist.

Thanks for your time

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