2nd Attempt Previous and Next Buttons appearing

I have designed a quiz where each graded quiz slide has 2 attempts and links to the next slide with a trigger through the feedback layers. The triggers I used to set-up this were the normal "jump to next slide" when user click the Continue button. 

My intention in doing so was to allow more time in between attempts so that the user has to re-think a little bit more rather than revisiting immediately. The base layer and the correct feedback layer have been set to Resume Saved State so that when it loops back to the start you will see that you got a question correct at first glimpse. 

When I first tested the project, on the second attempt  a previous and next button were appearing as well as my continue button on the feedback layer.

I thought this would be confusing for a end user so I added a trigger "Change state of Continue to hidden when user clicks" on the correct feedback layers.

So now I am utilizing those Prev and Next buttons to advance through the second chance round but unfortunately they are not sending me to the result slide once all answers are correct on the last slide. In my base layer properties I have unchecked the prev and next buttons so I can not trigger them to do what I want. 

The last quiz slide links to either; a 2nd Chance Slide that then directs the user back to the 1st slide - if on the first attempt the score points are less than the pass points and retry variable = false OR the result slide if the retry variable is true and/or the score points <= pass points

Please advise why the prev and next buttons are appearing on the second attempt and how to remove them?

Thank you for your help

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Dave Engage

Thank you all for your advice. I will re-test the triggers on Monday and advise if the problem is rectified. If not, I'll upload a mock-up of my project for you all to review.

I think the problem is that the Prev and Next buttons that are appearing on Quiz slides on the second round have jump to next slide triggers automatically set. This means they are jumping to the second round introductory slide which is after all the last quiz slides and before the Result slide. As this 2nd round introductory slide  is a non-quiz slide it does not have a Prev or Next button appearing so I can not advance to the Result slide. The timeline triggers for the 2nd Round introductory slide are below, this the order they are in.

Jump to Result Slide when timeline starts if variable Retry = true

Set variable Retry to True when timeline ends

Jump to 1st Slide when timeline ends if variable Retry = false