2nd review quiz errors

Oct 06, 2014

Set-up of Results Slide:

- I have the Review Quiz and Retry Quiz buttons on the Results Slide (see attached png files).

- When I pass the test, another layer appears after the passing score appears. This layer congratulates the test-taker with an accompanying graphic.

- When I fail the test, another layer appears after the failing score appears. This layer gives review quiz and retry quiz instructions with an accompanying graphic

- I have both Hide other slide layers and Hide slide layer when timeline finishes selected for both the Success and Failure layers.

Preview Results:

The test scores display the first time I go through the quiz, but not after I review then retake the quiz.

Also, if I still have errors after I retake the quiz and I review the quiz a second time, the review is not showing me the results of the last quiz retake (it still shows a review of the first quiz). I can tell because on the first pass I intentionally answer all questions wrong; on the second, I answer all correctly except for the last question. When I review the quiz the first time, it gives me the answers to all of the questions. However, when I review the quiz a second time, the l wrong answers are from the first pass on the test, instead of the second pass.

What am I doing wrong?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Efleda,

Looking at just the images I see a trigger associated with the "retry" button that is "submitting" the results? I'm not sure why you've included that trigger there - but wonder if it's locking in the users score on the retry - which matches what you're saying in terms of the users score not updating after the first instance? 

Can you try removing that trigger and see how it behaves? 

Efleda Brophy

Thanks, Ashley. I removed the submit results as a trigger for the Retry Quiz button. I also removed the extra layers with graphics. Whichever was causing the issue, it works now for Retry Quiz. Does Retry Quiz also automatically submit the results at the end even if this trigger isn't there?

Do you have any suggestions for the Review Quiz? Why is it stuck at the first pass answers? (Meaning, if I review the quiz a second time after retrying the quiz, the answers it reviews are not the current ones resulting from the Retry. Rather, they're from the first pass of answers.)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Efleda,

It's the results slide itself - with the standard trigger to "submit results when the timeline starts" of that slide that would submit the results.

I don't know that I've seen the review quiz keep the first set of answers after the user has retried the quiz. Does it keep all the answers or just some of them? The "reset results" trigger should allow the user to take it again and see the new attempts on a review after the 2nd attempt. We may need to take a look at this .story file to see how it's behaving and if there is anything else that could be impacting the behavior. Are you able to attach it here? 

Efleda Brophy

Hi, Ashley....I've attached the story file (removed all content but the final exam scene--whittled to just 3 questions) Thanks for looking into this. G'day!

ISSUE: REVIEW QUIZ is not reviewing the last batch of answsers but the first batch.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Preview Final Exam. NEXT.
2. Answer Q1--Soc Sec # and Submit. Continue.
3. Answer Q2--All members whose last name ends in letters ARG and Submit. Continue.
3. Answer Q3--a member's benefit plan, condition, and memos/alerts and Submit. Continue.
4. Click Review Quiz. (Note: All wrong answers)
5. Click NEXT through all 3 Qs. (Correct Ans: Program Name, all members whose last name or first name ..., and a member's enrollment status, CCS coverage, ....)
6. Click Retry Quiz and answer the first 2 correctly; and the last one, incorrectly.
7. Click Review Quiz and click NEXT through all 3 Qs.
   NOTE: ALL 3 ARE NOTED AS INCORRECT (the first batch of answers--NOT the second batch of answers).

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Efleda,

Thanks for sharing the file here. I took a look, and the first two question slides had a state set to "reset to initial state" so the first time through when you answered incorrectly - you'd see that it was incorrect and assume that you were being shown the right review information, but in reality it was assuming there was no answer and therefore scoring it as incorrect. When you went through again, the review was still seeing it as being reset to initial state and therefore no answer selected and scoring incorrectly.

When I adjusted this for all your question slides to "resume saved state" each time I retried and then reviewed the quiz I saw my new answers showing, whether they were correct or not.

Hope that helps! 

Jon Ross

Having a similar problem.  Usually, I set up a quiz so that if the viewer comes back to it, the questions reset to initial state.  Never had an issue with this in Storyline 1.  Trying it for the first time in Storyline 2, when I come back to the quiz, my previous answer has been blanked out, but I cannot click on any of the answers.  Thoughts?!?!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Efleda,

I haven't seen the results slide properties make a difference in this scenario - as if you're retaking the quiz you'd want the results reset and there is also a trigger for that, and the review method seems to work as expected. You could always decide to use "automatically decide" or "resume saved state" to help ensure the slide results are kept on a revisit. 


In regards to your issue - it sounds a bit different than Efleda's. Are you  users returning to your quiz from a review perspective or just navigating back to those slides? If they're navigating back to those slides, the question is already considered "submitted" and you could be running into issues there - so what you may want to do is look at the method here to set it up so that the questions are all submitted at once instead of individually. 

John Johnson

We give someone a quiz, and if they don't pass it, we send them back to the beginning of the segment leading into the quiz so they can review the information again.  They can't advance in the program until they pass the quiz.

I'm attaching a sample set up in Storyline 2, the same way I did in Storyline 1.  Can you take a look at it and give me some feedback?  Thanks!

John Johnson

I finally came up with a workaround to get the reset working.  Which is attached.  You will notice when the slides reset, the PREV and NEXT buttons appear at the bottom...which they did in the original file I sent.  I cut them out in the Output file by editing the Frame.xml file in Dreamweaver.

This is a bug which really needs to be fixed.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

On your first course file - you'll want to include an additional trigger to reset the results based on the score being less than the pass points. Just make sure this trigger comes before the "jump to slide" trigger that allows the user to start over. Once you add that trigger in, it works as expected. I don't believe this is considered a bug, as Storyline is assuming that the user already answered those questions and therefore not allowing them to answer again. 

In regards to any changes you made to the frame.xml file, I'm unable to assist with that - but if that works as you'd expect and prefer, please feel free to use that method as well. 

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